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Oral History

Saint George defends his village

Saint George was seen many times during the night on his horse going in and out of the church and throwing rays of light everywhere. He was going around the village and very often passing by the Northwest part of the village. There exists a large boulder and it has on it the mark from shoe of his horse. They tried to remove the boulder but they were unable to do so. That area is called "the footstep" (patimasia) of Saint George.

(G. Tsoflias, Agios Georgios Sikousis)

The building of the church of Saint John

There where now is the church of Saint John, they were seeing a light every day, and after many discussions they decided to build the church there.

(G. Andreadis, Agios Georgios Sikousis)

The courtyard of Saint George

In the old days our village was a monastery of Saint George. The church that exists now did not exist and the Saint was appearing in the dreams of the people to build him the church. When the church was built there was supposed to be a courtyard and someone offered his house that was there. But, the woman who was living in the house was not leaving and the Saint was going every night with his horse and was hitting with his whip the house utensils and then he would leave. The woman left and the courtyard was built.

(G. Andreadis, Agios Georgios Sikousis)

Source: Christophoros G. Gatanas "Ena matsaki istories ape ti Hio", Athens 1980